Porrera, Capçanes and the Fira de Vi de Falset. Vilamarxant´s Wine Club Goes on Tour! Part 3 The Falset Wine Fair!

The Fira de Vi de Falset is held in the Old Castle above  the town, with its fantastic views towards the mountains which surround the town at a distance and the vineyards of DO Monsant and DO Priorat.  A gentle lie in after our late night in Capçanes and almuerzo in a local bar had us ready to start a marathon tasting which began at around 12am and finished at 10pm with a generous lunch break in-between!

Phil, Miguel Angel, Tony and Jordi.

After a climb up through the town we arrived in the castle precinct with its rows of white tents containing a number of stands. The grounds were already busy but we decided to make a start at Clos Berenguer. A family bodega in DO Priorat dedicated to producing wines from it´s own vineyards. First release was 2000 which included wines with a year in oak and a year and a half in bottle. The vineyards are a mix of slate and chalk soils. Four wines from this producer were tried. The bodega is in an old mine.

  • Clos Berenguer Blanc de Botes 2003, 40% Garnatxa Blanca,  30% Xarel-Lo and 30% Pedro Ximinez. 13.5% ABV and with six months in oak. Gold with an old gold rim, and flashes, some sediment, and on the nose citrus, honey and toasts. In the mouth the age is clear but the wine is deep , honeyed, with a touch of sweetness. Very nice with a long finish.
  • Rosat 2010 Merlot 100%. Nice rose colour, deep colour and with long legs. On the nose strawberries and cream and in the mouth deep, good body, slightly peppery and long full finish. A very drinkable wine! 7€
  • Clos de Tafall, 14.5% ABV 2007  Seleción de Vinyes . A blend of Garnatxa, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah with 10-15 months of crianza, depending on the variety. Medium depth cherry red with long slow legs. On the nose quite open with a slightly rustic nose. In the mouth cherry, tannin, then open fruit, mature, with a very long finish and balsamics. 9€ a bottle.
  • Clos Berenguer 2007 Seleción, with the same varieties except Merlot is replaced by Carinyene. A much more youthful colour, purple and with more depth. On the nose lighter, fruits of the forest and more of them!. In the mouth full, fruity, concentrated, powerful, more expressive and with smooth tannins, liquorice and a long finish. 20€ a bottle.


Mas Sinén is the product of Celler Burgos-Porta from Poboleda and the wines are DO Priorat. Salvador Burgos took us through some of their ecological wines starting with a white.

  • First wine was the 2009 Garnatxa Blanca, Again a pale old gold colour, bright and clean with long legs. On the nose buttery, slightly honeyed and in the mouth, nice dry acidity and minerally, long satisfying finish with balanced acidity.
  • Second was Mas Sinén Negre 2006, 15% ABV and a blend of 35% Garnacha, 24% Carinyene, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Syrah. 12 months crianza in 90% French oak and 10% American oak. Cherry red with ruby edge and violet flashes, bright with long fat legs. Red fruit nose with apples, fruits of the forest, vanilla and tobacco. On the palate meaty, quite hard tannins but red and black fruits, vanilla and a long finish with spice, nutmeg.
  • Third wine was Mas Sinén Coster 2007, a blend of Garnatxa, Carinyene, and Cabernet Sauvignon with 20 years of age. To the eye dark cherry deep with long legs. On the nose mature fruit, complex, high fruit, violets and in the mouth quite full, meaty, powerful, tannic, very elegant. Needs more time. 90 points in the 2011 Penin Guide.


Next we met Joan Ignasi Domenech of Vinyes Domenech. Producing DO Monsant since 2004 by purely biodynamic methods,. The vineyards cover some 15 hectares, near the village of Capçanes. They are already a reference bodega in the DO .The soils are clay and chalk with stony areas and the vines are low yielding. Harvesting is by hand, at the optimum point of maturity and a maximum yield of 1.5kilos per vine.  The vines themselves have an average age of over 40 years and are Garnatxa, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Two very nice wines were then tasted! Joan explained they were looking for a balance of ripeness and balance without super concentration or hard tannins.

  • First was Furvus 2008, 80% Garnatxa and 20% Merlot. Light to medium cherry red, long legs. On the nose nice soft fruits, and in the mouth intense, tannic, and needing another year to integrate.
  • By contrast the Teixar 2008 from Garnatxa Peluda, with a huge concentration of fruit. Bright cherry red with a medium density and long legs. On the nose complex with nice fruit. In the mouth, pepper, beautifully integrated, a lovely wine!


Next Bodega was Clos Dominic whose Carinyenes we had tasted in Porrera. Now was the opportunity to taste the finished blends. The wines are DO Priorat and the bodega is run by Francisco ( Paco) and his wife Dominic who produce ecological but uncertificated wines.

  • Clos Dominic 2007 Vinyes Baixes and  with a high percentage of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Medium to deep cherry red with long legs. On the nose very fruity, mature, vanilla, chocolate, and balsamics,   and in the mouth red and black fruits with wild herbs, rosemary and thyme, toffee, balsamics and hazlenuts. Meaty and powerful. 14.5%ABV.
  • Clos Dominic 2006 Vinyes Baixes and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Garnatxa, Carinyene and a touch of Picapoli. Very long legs over a deep, youthful concentrated wine with the colour coating the glass. On the nose again very mature fruit but in the mouth silky, then powerful, meaty, much more open and floral with violets. At around 23€ a stupendous wine to keep!


Ficaria Wines, Elia and Pater.


Ficaria Vins produce their wines from three Fincas in La Figuera, DO Monsant. With a mixture of sand, clay and limestone they grow Garnatxa, Cabernet sauvignon and Syrah.

  • Eliá 2008 is a blend of 80% Garnatxa, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Syrah, with 10-12 months in French oak. Medium density to deep cherry red, with long legs. On the nose strawberries and red fruits. In the mouth soft, passes easily across the palate, full and with a satisfying long finish.
  • The 2007 Pater is 100% Garnatxa Negra. 15% ABV and selling for around 20€ this was Phils favourite. Deeper in colour than Eliá, still a medium density and also with solid legs!. Nice red and black fruit on the nose and in the mouth full, meaty, peppery, with a long fat finish. I liked this a lot as well!


Joan Sangenis is behind Celler Cal Pla two of whose Carinyenes we had tried at the Porrera tasting and it was Joan who took us through the four wines with the Cal Pla and Mas D´en Comptes lables. Cal Pla is the `lesser´wine of the two, the better coming from the 20 hectares of the second Finca…..though that is not to detract from the Cal Pla wines! Both are DO Priorat.

  • 2009 Cal Pla Priorat White Wine from 40% Garnatxa Blanca, 20% Macabeo and 20% Moscatel and 13.5% ABVwhich has spent some time on the lees to round out. Pale gold, clean, bright and with long legs, on the nose perfumed, aromatic, clean and in the mouth full, warm and very pleasant!
  • Second white was from Mas D ´en Compte , 2008, and 13.5%ABV. 70 Garnatxa Blanca , 20% Picpoul and 10% of Xarel-Lo and Macabeo this was more yellow in colour,clean and bright with long legs. On the nose more subtle, drier, hints of fruits and white flowers. In the mouth unctuous, clean, balanced, with vanilla and cream.
  • First of the reds was the Cal Pla 2006 a blend of 50% Garnatxa, 40% Carinyene and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon with 12 months in second year oak barrels.  14% ABV. Medium density, garnet with long legs. On the nose super mature fruit, minerals and alcohol. In the mouth well-integrated, rich and velvety with a long finish.
  • The Mas D én Compte 2007 14%ABV Crianza has spent 14 months in a mix of French and American oak and eight months in bottle. It is a blend of Carinyene, Garnatxa and Cabernet Sauvignon. Inky ruby-red, long slow legs, on the nose strawberry and blackberry and raspberry, jammy with chocolate and cinnamon. In the mouth very powerful, jammy fruit with herbs, minerals, good structure, length. 94 points in Parker.


Celler Cal Pla.

Portal del Priorat was the next bodega whose wines we tasted. Alfredo Arribal began the project in 2001 and was joined by winemaker Stephen Pannell in 2007. Three wines are produced, from DO Priorat but close to the boundary with Monsant. The soils are Licorella ( shale)  predominantly, and the grape varieties Garnatxa, Carinyene, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah plus one or two others.

  • First of the two wines produced is Gotes 2009, an entry-level wine of Carinyene, Garnatxa and touched with Cabernet Sauvignon.  14%ABV and only about now to be released into shops at around 12€ the bottle it has spent 12 months in 2-3 year old barrels which allows the fruit to give full expression to the wine. Low density with long legs but quite dark in colour. On the nose herby, grassy and fresh whilst in the mouth soft with a medium finish. Distinct and pleasant.
  • The 2008 Negre de Negres is 15%ABV, a wine of high density, deep cherry black colour, with long slow fat legs. On the nose minerals, red and black fruits, herbs and flowers  ( lavender). In the mouth it is full, round, open and approachable, complex with balsamics.
  • Third wine was Somni, 2008 14%ABV and 36€ the bottle. From Carinyene, Syrah and Garnatxa this was very deep purple, youthful and with long legs. On the nose incredible, subtle, complex, really deep with fruit, herbs, flowers, minerals and soils. In the mouth an explosion of fruit, then herbs and minerals before tannins. Complex.


No tasting of wines from Priorat would be complete without tasting wines from the eclectic Peréz family. Father Josep Lluis allegedly dragged the family to Priorat and Mas Martinet to make wine. Sara his daughter was nine and today she is Spains most famous `flying wine-maker´, a heroine in the wine trade and now has her own vineyard project , La Universal. Brother Adriá is responsible for CIMS de Porrera and Solanes. We were treated to a tasting of nine wines at the fair from this dynastic family.

Wines from the Perez Family.

  • Dido, La Universal and one of Sara´s wines from her own vineyards. Sols de Granit 2009 and DO Monsant is 14% ABV from Garnatxa, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and sells for around 12€ a bottle. Nice and bright cherry red , long legs, and on the nose violets and red fruits. In the mouth full, fruity, very balanced which passes easily across the palate. Entry level wine, with a very long finish!
  • Les Cousins, Priorat DO, 2008 14.5%ABV and just 9€ a bottle. 30% Carinyene, 25% Garnatxa, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot and 10% Syrah. A product from Adrià and cousin Marc who treated us to the tasting! From a vineyard in Porrera where they make L´Inconscient and Sagesse. This was the first of the two wines, similar in colour to the previous wine, a little more closed on the nose but in the mouth red and black fruits, warm, well-integrated tannins.
  • Third up was Solanes 2006 DO Priorat 14.5% ABV from CIMS de Porrera, which was created in the 90’s and has no vineyards! The cousins buy in the grapes from local producers which are from Garnatxa 20%  and Carinyene 80%. Many of the vines are 100 years old. Deep ruby-red with very long legs, this was a little more closed on the nose, once again in the mouth the fruit was full on, with a nice depth, hints of minerals and smooth tannins.
  • Next was the Mas Martinet 2007 from Garnatxa and Syrah, Martinet Bru. One of the wines from the original family property which founded the local wine school but now run by Sara.  DO Priorat, 14.5% ABV. Deep ruby-red with very long slow legs. Nice soft summer fruits, quite deep, and in the mouth very full fruit, red and black plums, nice smooth tannins and very full finish. 
  • Cami Pesseroles 2007 Clos Martinet  is Carinyene and Garnatxa. From 4200 vines of the former and 4000 of the latter and 70% Carinyene, all of them 100 years old and a mere 53 Euros a bottle. 92 points in the Penin guide, Very deep cherry in colour, on the nose violets, red and black fruits but predominantly cherries. In the mouth , wonderful! Cherries, violets, very full, meaty, spicy, very smooth tannins, liquorice. Loved it!
  • Next was the Segasse from Les Cousins. 2007, 55% Carinyene, 45% Garnatxa, Deeper, darker cherry, more concentrated, long and incredibly slow fat legs. On the nose more concentrated fruit, violets, cherries, liquorice, and in the mouth spicy, complex, smooth tannins and huge depth.
  • 27th wine  (who is counting! ) Venus is the other wine from La Universal, Sara´s own vineyards. Again, deep cherry red, long slow legs, and a little less concentrated on the nose, herbs. In the mouth full, complex, smooth tannins, long concentrated finish, and a little fuller.
  • CIMS 2006 Carinyene. A very similar colour, with long legs. On the nose mature fruit, and in the mouth, very smooth, chocolate and balsamic notes.
  • Clos Martinet, Els Escorssons. A slightly less concentrated wine with a similar colour, but quite different on the nose whereas in the mouth it was the most concentrated, very smooth, powerful, fruity, spicy and round.


Some of the Stands in the Castle Precincts.

All of these wines had a power and depth, concentration and are benchmarks for the rest of the region. The next two wines came from Agricola Falset Marça. This is Falset´s co-operative producing a range of wines including white , red and sweet, not to mention a vermouth!

  • Etim Blanc is a pure Garnatxa Blanca DO Monsant which sells for 5.8€ a  bottle. Very pale gold in colour, clear and bright. Fruity nose with bananas, mint and liquorice and in the mouth beautifully balanced.
  • The old vines Garnatxa 2007 red has 91 points in Parker and 90 in the Penin guide. 14.5% ABV, 10.5€ a bottle and clearly not a lightweight! DO Monsant with ageing in French oak this was medium density, nice dark red, with good legs. On the nose violets predominate, in the mouth initially very fruity then very tannic. Not quite balanced and needs more time in bottle.
  • We returned to the bodega late in the evening to taste the sweet wines. Etim Verema Tardana 2008 Blanc Dolç was very pale, ol gold flashes and very slow, long fat legs. On the nose a little hint of baby sick!( Lacteos from the time in barrica!) In the mouth sweet, full but not cloying and with hints of  caramelos de cafe crema and marmalade.
  • The 2007 Vi Dolç Verema Tardana is a red from Garnatxa and Syrah. Nice medium density ruby-red with violet flashes, the wine was served chilled but still exhibited good fruit on the nose. In the mouth very round, big body. Excellent!
  • The Vermut , 18% ABV Flor de Falset is Garnatxa  Blanca with Macabeo Brisat. The wine has been steeped with 120 herbs, both medicinal and aromatic and macerated for a year in oak. Total elaboration is three years! This is a cross between orange and old gold in colour  with very long legs. On the nose a profusion of both herbs and spices, sweet and dry and, in the mouth, concentrated, dry and rich with predominantly grapefruit. Bring on the gin!

Next we tasted a wine from Trossos del Priorat, a Gratallops based bodega only commenced production in 2003. The Vides family and Tony Coma, winemaker , together with Vicens Beso who works the land understand well that success only comes with quality.

  • Trossos del Priorat Lo Mon 2008 is 14.5% ABVand a blend of Garnatxa, Carinyene, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grown on Licorella ( slate). Selling for around 21€ a bottle in shops, it has had 12 months in oak. Light to medium density and youthful in colour it has a nice mix of red and black fruits on the nose. For a young wine it is open, round and very easy to drink. 

Four wines fro the Conreria D´Scala Dei DO Priorat followed. The original priory, from which Priorat takes its name,   was started in 1203, the first on the Iberian Peninsula. The complex took 200 years to complete and today are  ruins, with 17th and 18th century additions predominating as well as the original church. Jordi Vidal Pardenilla took us through the tasting.

  • The 2010 Brugueres Blanco 14%ABV and 100% Garnatxa Blanco was a very pale old  gold with bright flashes, clean and brilliant. On the nose very fruity with banana and fennel and sweet fruit. In the mouth quite creamy, fat, ( it has spent some time on the lees) but minerality as well. Lovely balance. Around 13€ a bottle.
  • Conreria 2008 14.5% ABV is a vino joven from Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnatxa, Merlot and Syrah. Some has spent time in barrica, the rest in deposits. This gives a light density youthful cherry red with violet edge, red and black fruits on the nose and in the mouth quite zippy fresh fruit, round, smooth tannins and a good long finish. Around 11€ a bottle.
  • The Lugiter 2007 is Garnatxa, Carinyene, Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot. Again this wine has a good depth of colour, youthful and with long legs. Mature fruit and spice on the nose in the mouth it seemed powerful but unbalanced.
  • By contrast the 2006 Lugiter from just Garnatxa, Cabernet and Carinyene old vines had much more fruit , mature red and black fruit jams and in the mouth was mature, open, round, very smooth tannins and one of the nicest reds of the fair so far!


 Mas D´en Gil, Bellmunt in DO Priorat  was our next port of call and here we tasted five wines. The Rovira Carbonell family took over the original Masia barril, in 1998 the first bodega in Priorat to bottle its own wines. Since then modernisation has been the name of the game.

  • First wine was the 2008, a blend od Garnatxa, Carinyene and Cabernet Sauvignon. Entry level wine with light density, nice medium cherry red to garnet,  with nice mature red fruits on the nose. In the mouth fresh, very soft and  an easy drinker. 7€ a bottle.
  • The 2007 Coma Vella and 15% ABV was 70% Garnatxa, 20% Carinyene and 10% Syrah from 40-year-old vines and 15% ABV. Much brighter cherry red, long legs and medium density, on the nose mature red fruit, in the mouth, very open, full and more complex. 20€ a bottle.
  • Como Alta Blanca 2009 is a blend of Garnatxa Blanca 70% with Viognier. 10-year-old vines, 91 points in the Wine Spectator. Pale, old gold edge and flashes with long legs. White-flowers, white currants, and tropical fruit flavours, on the nose, in the mouth refreshing, good body, nice balancing acidity. Very friendly and approachable, elegant!
  • Clos Fontà 2006 from 70-year-old vines is a blend of Garnatxa, 70% Carinyene 20% and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.This had spent 14 months in oak, and has scored 95 points in Wine spectator and 93 in Parker! It sells for 40€ a bottle. This is very deep cherry, black, concentrated with very long slow legs. Served a little chilled, it was a bit closed on the nose. However in the mouth, powerful, concentrated, still quite tannic but with a very long finish.
  • Nus is the Vi Dolçe, 80% Garnatxa, 15% Syrah, and 5% Viognier. From 10-40 year old vines, 93 in the Wine Spectator and a mistela natural. Without a doubt a wine to pair with chocolate, it has taken ten years to get this wine right! Very deep concentrated black cherry with long legs. On the nose huge, really good strawberry and raspberry fruit, jammy, and in the mouth, intensely concentrated, sweet and absolutely gorgeous! One of the best sweet reds I have ever tasted!



Celler el Masroig was founded in 1917 and is one of Monsants most important vineyards with 500 hectares of vineyards, predominantly Carinyene, Tempranillo, Garnatxa and Syrah  grown on red clay soils which reflect the heat of the sun to ripen the grapes.  

  • Solà Fred 2010 Blanco is 75% Macabeo and 25% Garnatxa Blanca. It has the old gold colour of the Garnatxa but the ripe melon and white flowers on the nose from Macabeo. In the mouth a very pleasant dry white with ripe white melon, balanced acidity and 12.5% ABV.
  • Garnatxa Blanca Etnic 2009 is a  white with 6 months in new oak. 13.5% ABV. A better yellow colour, very long legs, clear and bright. On the nose white flowers and perfumed. In the mouth very nice, dry minerally and good acidic balance. Loved it!
  • Third white was also a 100% Garnatxa Blanca, Les Sorts 2008 and 13.5% ABV. Straw to gold in colour, clean and bright. On the nose hints of white flowers, honey, toasts, herbs and tropical fruits, all quite subtly mixed! In the mouth, fuller in the body, more oaky, less fruit…..but very nice , long dry finish.
  • Les Sorts 2006 Vinyes Velles is Carinyene and Cabernet Sauvignon. From a difficult year it is a nice deep, dense cherry red with long legs. On the nose mature red and black fruits, and in the mouth, chocolate, oak, coffee, but very easy to drink.
  • Castell de les Pinyeres 2007 is 40% each of Garnatxa and Carinyene with 20% of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo. !12 months in French oak and 14.5% ABV. A medium density, nice cherry red with long legs. Cherry fruit, mature and deep with spices. In the mouth multi-faceted with lots of flavour, medium bodied easy drinker.
  • Etnic 2007 14.9% ABV and 80% Carinyene and 20% Garnatxa. 15 months in French oak gives this wine, again a medium density, a nice deep cherry colour. On the nose red and black fruits, but also dried figs, and in the mouth full, peppery tannic but nicely balanced.
  • Mistela Carinyene 15% ABV is another deep red wine. On the nose black olives but also rose-hip syrup and in the mouth full, sweet and lovely if lighter than expected.
  • The Vinyes Mol Vella Mistela of which only 200 bottles are produced is, understandably a rarity! Deep amber in colour, very long fat slow legs! Chocolate on the nose, plus oxidation from the solera and in the mouth much sweeter than the last wine, full. like an oloroso muy viejo, dried figs ………want some! 27€ a small bottle!


Finca de Gobe is in the village of Marça and is planted with Carinyene and Garnatxa. It is the product of a group of friends, some of whom work in other bodegas.

  • Gobe 2009 is 13.5% ABV, 70% Garnatxa and the rest Carinyene. DO Monsant. High density, deep cherry red and long legs. On the nose peppery mature fruit and in the mouth, elegant dry and peppery, full-bodied, smooth…..interesting and very nice!


Well, if you are going to finish you might as well go out on a high note! Gran Clos may just be that! Voted the vineyard of Priorat we enjoyed a tasting with winemaker Josep Angel Mestre. Some of their oldest vines are well over 100 years old producing concentrated wines.

  • We started with Gran Clos, Vinya Llisarda 2001 from 100-year-old vines planted on slate! It has spent 10 months on the lees in oak before bottling. 75% Garnatxa Blanca and 25% Macabeo.  This is a wine in the grand old Burgundian style and one to keep! Clean, bright, old straw to gold in colour, long legs. Frankly on the nose it could have been Burgundy given the toasty nose, butter and membrillo. In the mouth the wine was wonderful, oaky, creamy, perfectly balanced , vibrant but smooth with lovely acidity. Oh, how I want this wine in my cellar! For me the best white tasted all weekend!!
  • Finca el Puig followed, 2005, 15.5% ABV. Also from 100-year-old vines grown on the ridiculous slate hillsides, this wine is a deep cherry and very concentrated. On the nose mature cherry fruit, red and black fruits, minerals and herbs. In the mouth the fruit explodes , the tannins are balanced and the alcohol was well-integrated. Loved this too!
  • Gran Clos 2001 has spent 16   months in 2nd year oak, is 15% ABV and  50% Garnatxa, 40% Carinyene and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. Very deep intense cherry red, on the nose intense and youthful blueberry, blackberry and plums. In the mouth these fruits predominate but you can find liquorice, herbs and minerals with a long finish.
  • Finally, Gran Clos 2004, 15.85%ABV, 52% Garnatxa, 34% Carinyene and 14% Cabernet Sauvignon this wine has spent 20 months in new French Oak. Bottled in 2007 the first thing that strikes you is the amazing black colour. Seven years old and still impenetrable, very long legs. On the nose intense, deep fruit, red, black, plums and blackcurrants. On the palate, unctuous, smooth, fruity, jammy and an incredible late burst of fruit in a long, long finish! Oh to win the lottery!


Riki, Phil, Miguel Angel and Tony. Vilamarxant Wine Club on Tour!

As we left we were invited to taste a range of olive oils where the products of both Cavaloca and Oleum Priorat held us spellbound as we identified a range of scents and flavours and enjoyed the Negret with chocolate, the late peppery kick almost as good as chilli with chocolate!

The weekend should also not be allowed to pass without mention of the Syrian Restaurant in Falset where we enjoyed lunch. Babtüma in the Plaça de la Quartera provided us with lunch. Joined by Tony´s friend Jordi, five of us settled down to a selection of North African and Middle Eastern dishes, not known to the Spanish  contingent in the group! We tucked into humus, humus with spicy mince, dolmades, salad with a spectacular PX vinegar dressing, broad beans with yoghurt, the classic Baba Ganoush, aubergine salad and swarma, chicken cooked between flat breads. It was so good we ordered the rest of the dishes on the menu including a tomato salad and  preserved cucumbers stuffed with rice and herbs. The only bottle of wine we drank all weekend was Ksara Reserve de Couvent 2005, Bekaa Valley Lebanon, ( another first for the Spanish contingent!) a terrific blend of Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon . All of this cost us 13.5€ a head, a veritable fresh, educational and very healthy lunch!

So do I know all about Priorat and Monsant wines? No , emphatically. I understand how the parts are created, how they are blended and how they age better than I did two weeks ago. Do I need to go again to learn more? Yes! Are the wines worth the higher prices……debatable if it is based solely on reputation……but who wants to tend vines on sheer shale mountain-sides harnessed to a rope in all weathers?

As an educational weekend it was excellent. Thanks to Miguel Angel who knew where to taste and had the contacts, Phil, Tony and Jordi who all made it an unforgettable weekend.







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